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It would be easy to be lulled into thinking we have another summer's day in the mountains ahead. The sun is shining in a cloudless sky once again this morning, but winter is due to make one final appearance before the season ends. This afternoon, clouds will start to creep in over the tops of the mountains and it's not completely impossible that by the end of the day we will see some isolated snow and rainfall with the freeze line at 2700m. It's also not going to warm up nearly as much as in recent weeks, with max temps of 9 to 11°C at 2000m and 3°C at 3000m. On top of that, the strong South-Westerly wind from yesterday is staying with us and bringing with it gusts of Foehn and Lombarde of 50 to 70km/h. Tonight, we'll see a brief period of respite from the clouds before the real effects of the depression weather system hit, bringing snowfall of somewhere between 10 and 50cm.

Ski Report :

Snow Depth : 79cm of snow on the snowfront, 207cm on top of the Solaise.

Fornet: Everything is open except Cognon which is closed for the season.

Pissaillas Glacier: Everything is open. Combe du Geant will close early due to avalanche risk.

Solaise: L is closed all day. Legettaz is being used for the ESF Instructor competition this morning but will re-open in the afternoon. Everything else is open.

Bellvarde: G, Trifollet, Snow Park and the BMW Slalom are closed for the season. The top of OK/Orange is being used for competition this morning but will re-open in the afternoon. Santons and the bottom of Orange will close in the afternoon due to avalanche risk.

The links to Tignes, the Tommeuses and Borsat chairlifts, are open.

Cross-Country: Laisinant and Le Daille are closed for the season. Everything else is open

Walking Paths: Everything is open except Le Daille.

The avalanche risk is 3 out of 5 today. If you do decide to head off-piste, please ensure you have all the necessary safety equipment as well as the proper experience and training. Also please stay off closed pistes as they are closed for a reason, quite often due to a risk of avalanche coming in from the slopes above.

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