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Things are back to being just as they should be, with snow falling to the ground instead of rain. It was snowing all the way down to 1600m first thing this morning, but the skies have cleared and just a few clouds remain floating atop the summits. The fine weather will continue for the rest of the day with a fair bit of sunshine.The North Westerly wind, which caused the Fornet Vallon bubble to close yesterday, remains strong at high altitudes where initially it'll be blowing at up to 100km/h, but will drop to 60 to 80km/h later today. Maximum temperatures of 0 to -3°C at 2000m and -4°C at 3000m are expected, so a little cooler than yesterday.

Ski Report

It is currently not possible to ski to the bottom of the mountain. Depending on which sector you're skiing in, you'll need to take one of the following to descent the hill:

  • The Fornet Cable Car

  • The Olympic Gondola

  • The Solaise Bubble

  • The Le Daille Funicular

  • The Mont Blanc bubble


The Tommeuses chairlift, which links to Tignes, is open allowing access to Val Claret and Tignes Le Lac. The new Le Daille bubble or Mont Blanc lift is open, allowing access to La Folie Douce.


The top of the OK/Orange and Verte runs are open, but the bottom remains closed. Le Collet, Grand Pre, Diebold, 3J, Borsat, Fresse, Genepy Moutons and Les Tines are all open.

Please stay off Le Face! It is being prepared by for the World Cup so has plenty of large vehicles working on it, making it very dangerous to ski down.


The Solaise gondola, Glacier Express, Lessieres, Madeleine, Datcha Chairlifts and the PimPam drag lift are all open.


Lac d'Ouilette, Marais, Lessieres, Madeleine, Col de Madeleine, La Fourche, St Jacques, Glaciers and Lac Parc a Moutons are all open. Cugnai will open late


Winds are very high over in the Fornet sector, which may cause te Vallon bubble to close. But for the moment, the runs due to open are Pyramides, Col and Pont Abatte. On the glacier : Moraine, Pisaillas, Montets, Les Champions, Les Roches, Aguille Pers, Traversee des Arses and Lac Cema.


The Avalanche Risk is up at 3 again today. Please ensure you have the proper equipment and training before heading off-piste and know exactly where you're going.

Walking Routes:

Plenty to choose from today: the Pont St Charles, Laisinant-Fornet, Manchet, Les Sources and Le Daille paths are all open.

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