• Caitlin Kennedy



After a spectacular sunrise, this morning's sky will be crystal clear, replete with sunshine. That'll be the picture until the middle of the day, when a bank of clouds will move in at 4000-6000m. The sunny start will give the day plenty of time to warm up; max temps of 5 to 7°C at 2000m and 1°C at 3000m are expected, which is fairly mild for this . The wind from the North West remains resonably rapid at high altitudes with gusts of 60km/h at 3500m. Tonight, once the cloud cover has thickened, some light snow is forecast.

Ski Report

It is currently not possible to ski to the bottom of the mountain. Depending on which sector you're skiing in, you'll need to take one of the following to descent the hill:

  • The Fornet Cable Car

  • The Olympic Gondola

  • The Solaise Bubble

  • The Le Daille Funicular

  • The Mont Blanc bubble


The Tommeuses chairlift, which links to Tignes, is open allowing access to Val Claret and Tignes Le Lac. The new Le Daille bubble or Mont Blanc lift is open, allowing access to La Folie Douce.