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It's like walking to Mordor outside at the moment: snow is being whipped up into a fury by the bitterly cold and violent winds and it looks as though this snowstrom will be continuing all weekend. The wind, which is throwing its weight around with gusts of 70 to 140km/h this morning, will subside a little as the day goes on, but is set to return with a vengeance tonight. Although a good quantity of snow has fallen, it is extremely uneven on the ground, with bare and very slippery patches of compressed snow and deep drifts right next to one another. Maximum temperatures of +1°C at 2000m and -5°C at 3000m are predicted, although it will feel a lot colder than that in the wind.

Snow chains or tyres must be used today by all vehicles driving in town , or leaving to head down to Bourg, where the road is white until St Foye.

Ski Report We're in a bit of catch 22 situation today- the only areas possible to access with the violent winds are the lower pistes. But these are of course not yet open, as we haven't had enough snow yet. So there isn't yet anything skiable. The Vallon bubble will remain closed all day due to the wind. The Solaise bubble too will have difficulty opening in these conditions. Which just leaves the Bellevarde sector. If anything does open, it'll be the Funicular. We'll keep you updated here on Radio Val.

Off-Piste: The Avalanche Risk is 3 today. But good lucking getting off-piste today. Unless you're starting from the bottom. Please ensure you have the proper equipment and training before heading off-piste and know exactly where you're going.

Walking Routes: Le Daille, Laisinant, Manchet and Pont st Charles are all open although some haven't been groomed so are likely to be deep in places.

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