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As referenced by the large amounts of clearance activity taking place everywhere in town, it snowed all night and in some places, where the wind has caused it to drift, it is very deep, in fact an accumulated 1 meter of snow was measured first thing over in Fornet. Generally, we had between 20 and 30cm of fresh snow overnight, but it is very unevenly distributed. The snow and wind continue this morning with a little less force than yesterday but are both still going strong. A gust of 93km/h was recorded this morning with 70 to 100km/h winds from the NW expected throughout the day. Max temps of -2°C to -4°C at 2000m and -10°C at 3000m are predicted.

Ski Report

The wind is making lift openings difficult today. The first runs to open will be the Savonette and Village Nursery Slopes on the Snowfront. Then at the end of the morning, the new Le Daille bubble is expected to open. The Verte and OK pistes are open in their entirety for the first time, allowing skiers to descend the whole way down the mountain. Le Raye and Stade Olympique have a question mark over whether they'll open up later.

Hopefully the Solaise bubble will start running in the middle of the day and on that sectoor, Plan and M pistes are ready to open.

Finally, in Fornet, the cable car may open later, which will allow access to the Mangard piste too the bottom.


The Avalanche Risk is 4 today, which is a High risk due to the instability associated with large amounts of fresh snow with wind slab. This means there is a serious risk of getting caught in a big slide. Please if you are planning on heading off-piste, make sure you have all the necessary training, avalanche safety equipment and good knowledge of the mountain.

Walking Routes:

All walking paths are closed, except the Le Daille path.

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