• Caitlin Kennedy



We've woken up to a stunning morning with just the tips of the mountains catching the light from the sun which will be shining all day. Although we may see a few thin high altitude clouds in the latter stages of the day, mostly the sky will remain clear. It's been a chilly start and temperatures will stay reasonably cool rising to around 4°C at 2000m and 0°C at 3000m. Conditions are set to improve with regards to the strong Northerly wind. Expect the last reasonably strong gusts at the summits before midday after which it will settle right down.

Ski Report

After a generalised PIDA (avalanche blasting) this morning, there were several avalanches but they were small and compact.


Epaule de Charvet and Trifollet remain closed. Santons is closed due to avalanche risk. The Snowpark will open late and the Boarder Cross proabably won't open at all.


Every piste in the sector is due to open today with the exception of Lessiere, which will close for the day


Cognon will stay closed. Everything else is open.

The Pisaillas Glacier is completely open, except for Combe du Geant.


The Avalanche Risk is 4 today. Please stay off closed pistes, most today will be due to avalanche risk. It cannot be stressed highly enough how dangerous it is off-piste today. With the large amount of snowfall and extremely strong winds, the risk of a single skier setting off an avalanche is very high. Please don't let the good conditions and lovely weather let you be an idiot off piste.

Walking Routes