• Caitlin Kennedy



A good 27cm of snow fell overnight, with a little less at the top of the hill. It's going to be a slightly changeable day, but by the afternoon, all precipitation should have cleared up, leaving just a thin layer of high altitude clouds. There has been a rapid change of temperature, which doesn't bode well for the stability of the snowpack. Maximim temperatures today will be +3°C at 2000m and -4°C at 3000m. The wind from the NW was pretty strong overnight and will remain mostly moderate but with some strong gusts of up to 60km/h. Tonight we're looking at a cold starry beginning of the night, before snowclouds return, but this time with only a little snow to drop on us.

Ski Report


All pistes in the Bellevarde sector are open today, except Mont Blanc, Triffolet, Lanches, the Snow Park, Santons, Epaule de Charvet, G and the Stade Semanmille.

The Tommeuses chairlift is open, allowing access to Val Claret and Tignes Le Lac.


The closed pistes today are Lessieres and Cugnai due to avalanche risk and Combe Martin, S, L, Arcelle and Marmottons, which haven't opened up this season yet.


Everything is open except Table d'Orientation, Foret and Cognon, meaning Mangard is the only option to the bottom.

Over on the Pisaillas Glaciers, Aguille Pers, Combe du Geant and Traversée des Arses are closed due to avalanche risk. Cascade is also closed.


The Avalanche Risk is 3 today. Please ensure you have the proper equipment and training before heading off-piste and know exactly where you're going.