• Caitlin Kennedy



It's been a beautiful but very cool start to the day, although conditions are going to warm up a fair bit, as we are due sunshine for nearly all of the day. The only clouds to mar a perfect blue sky will be thin high altitude ones. The wind had turned to a Southerly direction, and remains moderate, with 50km/h gusts of foehn/lombarde near the Italian boarder, arriving late in the afternoon. This will get even stronger overnight. Maximum temperatures are due to get up to 1 to +4°C at 2000m and -1°C at 3000m. Make the most of the sunny weather, as tomorrow, the snow returns.

Ski Report


Part of the Snowpark has opened for the first time today. All pistes in the Bellevarde sector are open today, except Triffolet, Lanches, Santons, Epaule de Charvet, G, the Boarder Cross and the Stade Semanmille.

The Tommeuses chairlift is open, allowing access to Val Claret and Tignes Le Lac.


L, Arcelle and Marmottons will stay closed


Everything is open except Cognon; Foret opened up for the first time yesterday afternoon.