• Caitlin Kennedy



We're under total cloud cover here in Val, and it'll be hiding the sun all day. It won't be especially cold, at least down in town, with maximum temps of 1°C at 2000m and -7°C at 3000m. The cloud is gradually going to lower onto the mountain tops, making visibility pretty poor. with snow arriving by the end of the morning; we're due a healthy 15 to 20cm layer. The wind, which briefly turned to a Southerly direction, will swing back round to the North West and generate a fair bit of Foehn and Lombarde. Strong gusts of over 60 km/h can be expected in exposed areas. The snow will disperse during the early part of the evening, leaving us with a clear and starry sky.

Ski Report


Part of the Snowpark is open. All pistes in the Bellevarde sector are open today, except Triffolet, Lanches, Santons, Epaule de Charvet, G, the Boarder Cross and the Stade Semanmille.

Work has started on Santons and there will be machinery on it, making it especially dangerous to ski on. With the poor visibility, the drivers will not see you. It is for reasons such as this, that it is so important to respect the closed piste signs.

The Tommeuses chairlift is open, allowing access to Val Claret and Tignes Le Lac.


L and Marmottons will stay closed. Arcelle has been prepared and may or may not open at the end of the morning