• Caitlin Kennedy


Weather It's good and wintery this morning with cool temperatures and plenty of snowfall, in fact there is a a fresh 7cm on the ground since yesterday. We aren't expecting it to snow all day, the clouds should clear a little at some point in the middle of the day, and we may even see an hour or so of sunshine, before the snow clouds make a return trip. It will stay cold through, with maximum temperatures of 1°C at 2000m and -5°C at 3000m. The strong wind from the North round to the North-West will be generally calmer, but still gusty in exposed areas.

Ski Report Just like last year, initially this season, it is not possible to ski to the bottom of the mountain, so you'll need to take one of the following down to descend the hill:

The Fornet Cable Car

The Olympic Bubble

The Solaise Bubble

The Le Daille Funicular

Bellevarde The New Le Daille bubble is closed and will repoen when the runs to the bottom are skiable. The Mont Blanc lift will be closed, but all other lifts are due to open.

Pistes: The top of the OK/Orange runs are open, but the bottom remains closed. Collet, Grand Pre, Diebold, Verte, Fresse, Borsat, 3J and Genepy are all open.

Please stay off Le Face! It is being prepared by for the World Cup so is very dangerous to ski down.