• Caitlin Kennedy



Another beautifully clear day is on the horizon, after a stunning sunrise, with high altitude clouds catching the early sun's rays and turning the sky a brilliant rosé. Fairly mild temperatures were recorded first thing this morning; at 7am, it was -1.3°C outside the Tourist Office and strangely, the temperature recorded at the top of the Bellevarde was warmer,at +1.3°C. This of course has knock on consequences for the snow cannons, which are not able to produce snow, if the water within cannot freeze. The wind which had settled down yesterday, has turned to a South Westerly direction and picked up a little, with occasional gusts of up to 50km/h of Foehn and Lombarde winds near the Italian boarder. Maximum temperatures will be much warmer than yesterday; around 6 to 8°C at 2000m and +2°C at 3000m.

Ski Report

It is currently not possible to ski to the bottom of the mountain. Depending on which sector you're skiing in, you'll need to take one of the following to descent the hill:

  • The Fornet Cable Car

  • The Olympic Gondola

  • The Solaise Bubble

  • The Le Daille Funicular


The New Le Daille bubble is closed and will repoen when the runs to the bottom are skiable. The Mont Blanc lift will be closed, but all other lifts are due to open.