• Caitlin Kennedy

Amber Johnson

Tell us about your cover.

Well it features the Pride Flag in the background as Pride is coming up soon. It’s something that is really important for me; the message of being comfortable in your own skin. And I’ve always loved the idea of dream catchers, catching bad dreams and turning them into good ones. Then of course there’s the Val d’Isère eagle in the forefront.

Sam: the gay eagle?

Haha, yes!

What kind of work do you generally use your art for?

I’ve done some drawings for bars, particularly in Val/Tignes and Hossegor and then I do chalk boards, wedding boards, children’s murals and door posters for kids. My page started out when we found out my little brother was autistic. He absolutely loves trains so I started drawing him loads of them. And then I worked for a charity called Daisy Chain in Middlesborough which helps kids with autism. We did artwork with the kids to encourage them to focus on something. My little brother’s school is exclusively for kids with autism and I’ve done some art classes with them. That’s also when I started doing wall paintings around local areas to make them a bit more vibrant.

Do you do much art with the kids you look after