• Caitlin Kennedy

Arthur Deering

Tell us about your cover - how did you go about making it?

Usually, I’d sketch on a graphics tablet directly onto the computer, but as I’m on season I didn’t bring one with me. So I sketched it out on paper and then used illustrator to ink and colour it. This isn’t something I’d normally do but I really enjoyed it.

Is it a self portrait?

I’d love to say yes but I’ve never been upside down on a snowboard. Not yet anyways.

It looks like a still from an animation, is that something you’re interested in?

Definitely, I’ve been interested in animation since secondary school. Part of IT class was making presentations in PowerPoint and I used it to make south park style cartoons. Since leaving school I’ve made animations for flash games on the internet, short cartoons about video games, little sketches, and I’m currently working on 3D animations for computer game with some friends from school.

If you had to name your cover what would it be called?