• Caitlin Kennedy

Atom Ludik

Where did the name Atom Ludik come from?

The short answer is that my path in life led me towards learning about science. When I took a turn and decided to put myself out there as an artist, I needed to choose a name to breathe life into my artistic career. I thought the association between atoms and playfulness (the meaning of Ludik) was an interesting one.

Tell us about the animal in your cover art…

After working as an artist for a while, I started to understand that through art, I have the opportunity to defend ideas and to convey messages. For me, defending the most precious things on Earth, aka everything that is living, is extremely important. My roots have led me to focus especially on air and water, the essentials of life, which is why fish and birds show up in my work so much.

You’ve been based in Val quite a bit- do the mountains inspire your work?

My life has constantly been in motion and I regularly need a change of scenery. But there are a few settings I feel particularly at home in. The Charente sea and its wild coastline, the Atlantic Ocean and of course, the Savoie Region and its summits. I have to be connected to the forces of nature and the oceans and mountains provide that link. From my extended stays, I have found people that ground me to these little pockets of paradise.

Where are you living now and what prompted the move?

Actually, I am currently down by the equator on the Pacific Coast to breathe, surf, discover the local biodiversity and to prepare for a book I am making. It will meld illustration, poetry and philosophy as well as talking about the impact of man on the Earth and the necessity for a change in our behaviour and in society, to elevate our collective conscience. Love will save the world and I hope bring us out of the monumental stupidity that we appear to be living through at the moment.

Your murals in Next bar are stunning. Do you prefer pen and paper work or large scale wall paintings?

I like touching on everything; making, discovering, experimenting, going where no person has thought to go before. So I oscillate between spray paintings walls, watercolor on traditional paper, pen and ink, acrylic on atypical mediums... Getting out of your comfort zone means learning, understanding and evolving.

And finally, what’s the best genepi you’ve ever had?

The best génépi of my life was one that was made with love and drank from the belly button of the maker. I’ll say no more!

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