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Callum Smale

First thing’s first, why are you late?

My bus driver got out of the bus to have a fight with a snowboarder which delayed things a bit. The snowboarder accosted the bus so the driver decided to accost the boarder. All the passengers were just watching from the windows, like one of those You’ve Been Framed videos. Except no one won £250 and all of us were powerless to reach our destination.

Granted, that’s a pretty good excuse. Tell us about the inspiration for your cover.

Well it’s inspired by the morning on the hill we had with Terry the TDC Guide (see page 36). The red line in the trees with the drop that never lands represents a certain someone who failed to materialise as he was still… airborne. The rest of the skiers are us, throwing colourful shapes across the mountain. Terry is out of frame because his cossack was so large that he flew away (it’s also possible that I ran out of colours and I wasn’t going to go using any black for him. This is a colour scheme of joy).

What’s your favourite colour?

It used to be green but it’s made a strong conversion to mustard. I’m a big fan of mustard, the flavour and the colour.

You’re in fact wearing 3 articles of mustard clothing. If you could be any type of mustard, which would you be?

That’s a very good question. I would say an English mustard, not because I like the English in any way (being a Welshman) but the bright colour and the flavour profile really do it for me. Interesting fact about mustard: supposedly, instead of masking other flavours, it actually makes you tastes things more pronouncedly. By opening the pores in your mouth, mustard causes more salivation allowing you to taste better things like meat.

Wow, you truly are a fountain of knowledge. Back to the reason we’re here, your cover. What’s with the boarder?

The boarder represents my lost Chinese lover, Huawei. She was sadly departed on the day. RIP. More about this in the gossip section.

Where did your artistic talents come from?

My mum’s a portrait artist. My brother’s a very good painter. I mostly did sculpture when I was younger; I was never as good at painting.

Not sure about that; we’ve seen a pretty incredible elephant you painted at Fall Line last year.

Ah yes, the Fluorelephant. That was for the Bangkok Blackout Party Closing Party last year. They put up a load of black and white paper all over the walls and a few of us were set free with neon paint. And that’s actually where the motif of the sun swirls came from. The elephant was based on a drawing I did for a friend’s tattoo design.

Can you be hired for commissions? For instance, could you make a sculpture out of old skis?

I could do, if I had tools. I could probably make an eagle out of skis.

You should do that. Any shoutouts?

Terry, this whole work of art is dedicated to you. This cover was about the day and Terry was the day. The day was Terry.

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