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Charity Echo T-shirts

We are very proud to unveil Echo T-shirts and who better to team up with than Planks. We wanted the T shirts to be well made and look rad, so it was a no-brainer really. And it helps that Planks cares about their impact on the world and is constantly evolving to reduce their environmental impact. In line with that, all profits from the T-shirts will be split between two charities; a tree planting charity called Plant a Billion; and Ecomove, the Environmental Arm of the Vie Val d’Is.

Plant A Billion

As the Echo is a printed magazine, we require paper. Where possible, we try to use recycled and hopefully next year, we’ll be printing exclusively on recycled paper. However the best way we can offset our impact on trees is by planting more of them, so one of the charities that these Tees will be supporting is the Plant a Billion foundation, the charity dedicated to planting a billion trees by the year 2025. They are well on their way to achieving this aim, with 81,012,757 planted (at time of writing) globally so far. The group choose carefully where the trees are planted to make sure they can have the biggest impact possible and contribute to educational work in areas with important forest such as Brazil in order to prevent further deforestation of vital rainforest.

Although this may seem a little far removed from us here in the mountains, it is generally considered that one of the best ways of extracting carbon from the atmosphere and thus having any chance of keeping climate change at bay is by partially returning the surface of the Earth to the green, forested state it used to be in. More info at www.plantabillion.org/


Val d’Isere is actually the largest ski area to be granted Green Status by Green Globe due to the work the town does to minimise its environmental impact. Hand in hand with that is the Ecomove Collective, the environmental arm of the Vie Val d’Is. They do incredible work helping the town to minimise its waste by providing reusable cups for many of the events, including the Snow Shows, so that less disposable plastic is used. Likewise they give out portable ashtray to seasonaires and tourists to try and minimise the number of butts that are dropped. Even so, a lot of litter is left on the mountain once the snow melts after the end of the season including many lost skis and poles. One of the most important things Ecomove organises is Environment Day in the summer, when an army of volunteers scour the mountain and collect as much of this rubbish as possible. Last year, a ton was collected and much of it is recycled, including the skis. You can find out more about the group’s work and how to get involved at their Ecomove Day on March 26, which we’ll have more information on soon. www.vievaldis.com/valdisere/en/ecomove-2/

The T-shirts have our logo printed on the front and are available in either black or white. There is also the option to have the Val d’Isere logo on the back of either colour. T shirts will be available in the Planks store or on the Echo website. Head to www.valecho.co.uk/shop to pre-order yours now. Alternatively, get in touch with Sam or Caitlin to put in an order.

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