• Caitlin Kennedy

Charity Echo T-shirts

We are very proud to unveil Echo T-shirts and who better to team up with than Planks. We wanted the T shirts to be well made and look rad, so it was a no-brainer really. And it helps that Planks cares about their impact on the world and is constantly evolving to reduce their environmental impact. In line with that, all profits from the T-shirts will be split between two charities; a tree planting charity called Plant a Billion; and Ecomove, the Environmental Arm of the Vie Val d’Is.

Plant A Billion

As the Echo is a printed magazine, we require paper. Where possible, we try to use recycled and hopefully next year, we’ll be printing exclusively on recycled paper. However the best way we can offset our impact on trees is by planting more of them, so one of the charities that these Tees will be supporting is the Plant a Billion foundation, the charity dedicated to planting a billion trees by the year 2025. They are well on their way to achieving this aim, with 81,012,757 planted (at time of writing) globally so far. The group choose carefully where the tre