• Caitlin Kennedy



Despite a sunny start we should be in for a lot more cloud cover this afternoon, bringing some scattered showers; but little risk of another thunder storm unlike yesterday.Highs of 8°C upto 2000m and 2°C at 3000m. Fairly breezy above 2000m with SW winds blowing upto 40kmh during the day.

This evening we will see yet more clouds and potentially some flurries of snow as temperatues drop down to -4°C in resort.Tomorrow we will see yet more flurries of snow, but nothing greater then 10cm is expected above 2500m.

Snow Depth : 68cm of snow on the snowfront, 135cm on top of the Solaise.

Fornet: Cognon and Foret are shut.

Pissaillas Glacier: Combe du Geant and Aiguille Pers are closed.

Solaise: Piste L and Marmottons are shut.

Bellvarde:  Snow Park, the Boarder Cross, Criterium, Mont Blanc; Trifolet, Lanches, and the Stade Semanmille are closed.

The links to Tignes, the Tommeuses and Borsat chairlifts, are open.