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Dan Acciarito

How is life beyond the grave, i.e. outside Val?

Beyond the grave? Jesus... I'm not dead yet! It's good be starting something new and going back to something old at the same time but no snowboarding is gonna be a killer... Plus leaving my Val fam after so long is hard. (Shout outs to Blue Note crew!)

Do you tend to draw what you see in the world or what’s in your head?

I guess I try to just make something that looks cool but I'm moving towards things that have an underlying message these days.

Anything you find yourself drawing over and over again?

Skulls and skeletons. I love that shit... Always have.

Favourite medium to make art with?

Pencil and pen but there's something really satisfying about spray paint and you can't really beat it for large scale work.

Your van was beautifully painted and a very distinctive feature of Val whilst you were here. Do you still have it, what is his/her name and how did you go about decorating it?

Haha distinctive... I really loved that van! The mayor... Not so much. I gave it away to an ex seasonnaire who is hopefully giving it all the love it needs and it's roaming around festivals the UK somewhere I think. It's name was "The Fucken Grouse Trucking House" or "Truck House" for short. I painted it all with spray paint and skills from a misspent youth.

Have you used or would you use your artistic abilities in a work capacity or do you prefer to keep them separate?

Yeah I've done bits and pieces but that's actually why I've moved home... I'm trying to become a tattoo artist and also try to get into sculpture and installation art. Although right now I'll do anything outside of sexual favours... (Although I'm negotiable...).

I hardly need to ask the inspiration for your cover! But are you into classical art at all?

Yeah for sure! I'm more into pop and contemporary art as a whole but I love line drawings (look up Albrecht Durer) and a lot of classical biblical masterpieces. It's cool to see how they interpret these epic stories and moments into one picture.

Finally how many euros did you acquire from your time in Val?

Not as many as some people might think but one season I had some pretty good returns on one particular investment... Plus I have some rare euros that are hard to come by... My personal favourite is from a tall bearded bar owner who shall remain nameless...

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