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Ellie Purdy

How did you develop your style?

Before I went to university I already was into very precise line work. I didn’t really have a style when I went, but over the 3 years there, I really developed a love for shapes and was very inspired by different illustrators we were introduced to in lectures. At college I was studying fine art so I didn’t really have much idea of the different types of illustrators you could be and it wasn’t until I studied that I became aware of the different lines of work available.

What has been the most exciting project you’ve worked on?

I worked on an event campaign for an Arts Festival for which I created the logo, map and posters/Facebook banner. But the really exciting bit was creating a meter high wooden sculpture with layers of thick sheets of wood. I really enjoyed working in 3 dimensions.

Who do you admire at the moment?

I’m really hoping to become a tattoo artist in the next couple of years as that’s what I’m most passionate about. So I am in constant awe of artists like Balazs Bercsenyi, Daniel Berdiel, Pawel Indulski and Oscar Akermo to name a few.

Your illustrations make me want to step into the world you’ve created. What fantasy world would you live in if you could?

Every year I go to Shambala and the decoration there is second to none. They have created this flamingo bar, where everything is pink and sequinned and fluffy and covered in flamingos. I wouldn’t mind living there.

Tell us about your process in bringing your imaginings to life.

I start by finding key objects or people linked with the subject of the illustration. Once I have a few ideas, I sketch them out trying to focus in on the shapes that make up those objects whilst trying to direct the lines in similar directions. When that’s done, I waste all my time finding the right colours. That’s always the bit I struggle on!

Finally, from the short time we spent together, I decided you were a fashion icon. What’s your favourite outfit you’ve ever dressed up in?

Why thank you! I have absolutely no idea- but probably anything I have worn with a wig. My favourite item of clothing would have to be this huge jacket with lots of purples in. I hope to own that till I die, but I’m not doing a very good job of it, having lost it 3 times already.

Well, we hope you hold on to it! Thank you for creating such a wicked cover for the first Echo! We love it.

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