• Caitlin Kennedy

First Season Survival

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Your first time can be a little daunting. You don’t want to go in too hard, get it all wrong and have to make a premature exit. So we scoured Val d’Isère for some wizened old-timers who gave us some snippets of wisdom for the new kids in the mountains.

Bear Grylls would know what to do. Maybe.

Previous esteemed editor of The Echo. Now SkiBro’s man with a cam, Kene E-O:

“Not to be confused with a beer jacket, which is the insulating layer of booze that will keep you feeling warm and fuzzy on the way home from a night out when it's -15°C, a pub jacket is a cheap jacket that you don't mind getting lost or stolen when you're on a bender. It never has your ski pass, keys, phone, wallet, etc in it.”

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