• Caitlin Kennedy

Flossing with Rusty Toothbrush

Rusty Toothbrush are a collective of boarders and camera guys that make badass films and have a lot of fun in the process. They’re also the nicest guys you could hope to meet. We caught up with Alex and JJ from the crew.

So tell me about the Man & Wolf Tour?

Alex Stewart: We’ve been shooting for the next film ‘Highjinks’ and checking out the parks in Les Arcs, La Ros and here obviously. This trip has been supported by Man & Wolf and Northwave & Drake who both sponsor us. It’s been pretty epic- a lot of pow!

How did the collaboration come about?

A: We were actually in a bar in Morzine and Gumby spotted Tyler and some of the boys and we got chatting. He was giving us shit about not being gnarly enough in our edits. But he liked our vibe and was keen to support us. And if you watch our recent edit, beer barrels make for excellent jibbing material!