• Sam Box

Frustrations of a Club Photographer

Being sober in a club is weird. Add hundreds of people wanting something from you and things can get hectic.

There are numerous ways people ask for a photo. Sometimes, people are super polite with lots of pleases and thankyous. Great. Sometimes, people tap me on the shoulder and gesture to them and their mates. Fine. Sometimes, people literally kick me to get my attention. No. If you are a kicker - who raised you? In what world would I now try and get a flattering photo of you? If you kick me and I get an unfortunate snap where you look like Shrek, you’d better believe that’s going to be the album cover.

People often ask to see the photo I just took of them. This would be fine but nine times out of ten after seeing it they insist on having another photo then do EXACTLY the same pose. To avoid this situation, telling people I have to get the photos developed at Boots before I can see them works surprisingly well.

Most nights, I’ll meet the person w