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Grace Alexandra

Tell us about your cover.

If you‘ve seen the drawing on my snowboard, it’s a similar style to that. I tend to draw mandala-esque stuff, abstract patterns within patterns, that kind of thing.

Did you draw any of your tattoos?

No I didn’t do the whole design for any of them although I helped with. I quite like going to a tattoo place and if the artist has a unique style that I dig, I’ll ask them to create something or go free-hand. The wave on my ankle, I got done in the Philippines and wanted it to be done with the traditional patterns and techniques so he had free rein.

Bucket list place to go?

Marc: Glasgow. Grace: Fuck that! No way!

Marc: You cut me deep Shrek, you cut me real deep! Grace: Anyway...there’s an island in the Philippines where people don’t normally go to surf- it’s not one of the main tourist spots. And I want to do a motorbike tour around it because no one really knows it’s there. That or a West Coast of Africa surf trip.

Both sound epic. Are you into biking?

Yeah, my whole family is. Everyone breaks themselves periodically. The longest trip I’ve done is 2 weeks in Vietnam.

Have you had any interactions with sharks?

Not surfing, but I have diving. I’m a dive master as well. So I usually do that whilst travelling so I can make money as I go along. But I shat my pants once when I was 11. A shark got scared by a load of people taking photos. I was the smallest person in the group so it swam into me to get out of the circle.

Have you ever made art to sell?

No but I’ve done commissions where people give me a photo and I draw it. At one point I was supposed to set up an art business but I realised I didn’t actually want to be in England, so scrapped that idea. Now my room at home is just covered in canvases and surfboards- I had to take my bed out because I ran out of space. I have to sleep on the floor or in the spare bed when I’m back.

And what do you generally use?

For snowboards, it’s posca pens but for canvases, I use acrylics. And then I draw a lot too. The cover was done in felt tips. I find it all so therapeutic. If I’m stressed, I’ll fill up one of those massive gin goblets with wine and sit there and draw for ages.

What did you want to be when you were little?

(Pause) Probably Cinderella.

No Way!! That is probably the last thing we would have expected.

Yeah I used to dress up as Cinderella and stomp around in wellies, a tutu and a tiara. And then later on I wanted to go into something to do with Marine Biology. That’s potentially still the plan. Put the Biology degree to use.

Ah that’s really cool. You should definitely do that.

Well I’ve done some bits of research in the past with the diving- I’ll often work at a place where they need a dive master for a research project.

Wow that’s amazing. What research have you done?

I’ve done some work on Manta Rays in Indonesia taking the identification photos. There’s a big research centre there.

You are probably the coolest girl in the world!

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