• Caitlin Kennedy

Green Party-People

Whilst La Folie Douce might be known for standing out from the crowd, fitting in to its surroundings is actually incredibly important to the Folie team. The world renowned party-

on-the-piste is leading the way when it comes to sustainability and making real changes to reduce its impact on the planet. Since its inception as a family- run, slope-side restaurant, it used a mix of locally-sourced materials, (stone, wood and slabs of shale) as building materials, to blend in with the mountain scenery during the summer months.

And whilst the enterprise has grown considerably over the years, the dedication to serving the finest Savoie cuisine (with a twist) in an incredible setting continues today. Then, just as now, the kitchen was dedicated to finding local producers, both embedding the business in the community and reducing its mileage from farm to table.