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Heather Barette

How long have you been based in Tignes and what do you do out here?

This is my second season in Tignes and it’s definitely starting to feel like a bit of a second home. Last season I worked at Tignes Spirit as a Ski Technician with an awesome bunch of people. However, this season it’s more chilled. I want to focus on my art a bit more, so I’m walking dogs everyday, doing more artwork and a little bit of cleaning.

Tell us a bit about your artistic background?

My artistic background is quite broad. When I was 16 I went to Milan for a summer course on Fashion, then during Art A-Levels, I realised my main medium I work with was Acyrlic. I’ve had artwork displayed in two different galleries back at home, in Jersey. Whilst I was home in the summer I worked for an amazing Ceramics artist called Jane James, who focuses on coastal life made out of ceramics. And since I’ve been out here this season I’ve been loving graphic design. You could say I’m still trying to find my preferred medium!

You’ve done a similar style graphic drawing of the Hidden Valley - what’s your favourite bit of the Espace Killy?

Hmm... I don’t think I could tell you my one favourite part of the Espace Killy! It changes every day depending on whether I’m skiing or walking the dogs. If we’ve just had a fresh dump, I love going into the trees at Le Fornet, Les Brevieres and La Daille! However, this season ski-wise, because it’s been a little icy so far, I’ve mainly been doing the Grande Motte Glacier or laps of Palafour.

Do you find living out here conducive to creativity?

Whilst I’m out here I get such a creative urge; I’m just constantly inspired by my beautiful surroundings and the awesome people out here. This season I’m focusing on my artwork everyday, thinking of possible new paintings/designs and then working on them. The mountain air is definitely good for creative minds.

What did you used to draw when you were little?

When I was really little I used to do a lot of fashion drawings. I’d usually do a fashion collection which included designs of surfboards, skateboards, snowboards or skis!

Do you have any creative goals you can tell us about?

My main creative goal at present is just to get my name out there. Longterm, I’d love to work together with some big brands and I’m very keen to design some skis one day!

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