• Caitlin Kennedy

Hercules on Skis

Marty and Valentin of Radio Val d’Isere fame, always knew they were destined for greatness. But it took until this week for their destiny to be fulfilled. On Wednesday, the duo took to the start line of the weekly Cross Country Ski relay race at the Place des Dolomites. A blizzard raged, a crow cawed before being thrown from the sky by the tumultuous wind. But nothing was to deter these Herculean men, who had a task to complete; to crush the competition and prove themselves the heroes they were born to be. This they did, grim faced and resolute, completing a mammoth 11 laps of the course in 20 minutes, beaten only by every other team bar one. Here is the story of how they achieved such profound majesticness.

When did you realise it was your fate to be champions of cross country skiing?

Marty: Well I don’t remember it of course but straight after my birth, my father looked at me and said “You will be a formidable cross country skier”