• Caitlin Kennedy

Holly Thompson

Tell us about your cover.

My style is always heavy black lines, colours and a lot of patterns. I wanted to try and represent all the different layers of what mountains mean to me. So you’ve got the colours of sunset and sunrise, snow and water elements, and winter and summer (encompassed by the green and the leaves). I think people often see the mountains as one thing, especially if they’re only here for half the year. And I wanted to show all the different ways that I see the mountains living here year round. I used to be a botanical artist, so I wanted to include some references to that, which is why the Aster flowers are there in the foreground. You can find them here during the summer, so they are also representative of this region. Last but not least, the Eye of the Needle of course represents Tignes.

How did you get into botanical art?

Painting plants and wildlife is really important to me. It started out when I was annotating my notes for my permaculture and horticulture courses, and soon people started asking me for commissions. So I was trying to apply my natural drawing style to the proper botanical anatomically-correct method.

Do you think your love of plants stems from your Scottish roots?

Actually no, I think it developed more from travelling quite young. I’ve been to a lot of places over the last 12 years. And I think that really influenced my love of nature because I spent a lot of time outside, hiking. I