• Caitlin Kennedy

How not to stack it

The Ice rink of Val d’Isere appears to have extended beyond its confines onto roads, sides streets and even the snowfront, where a pipe leak caused the ground to become akin to a treadmill. After far too many slides, stacks and arse-over-tit moments, I decided it is high time we take charge and get a grip of this icy armageddon. As the powers that be insist on us living in a “winter wonderland”, (read treacherous pavements of death and destruction), I’ve put together a guide on how to retain balance and dignity when treading the slippery slopes of Val d’Isere. The official word is to wear crampons, but where’s the fun in that?

Here are 6 alternative ways of getting around:

Rediscover the art of crawling

Return to your roots and learn by immersion that 4 limbs are better than 2. With all that surface area, the increased friction is sure to have you sticking to the ground like a fly to a spider’s web. To avoid the inevitable chill to the hands and knees, consider investing in some extra pairs of shoes to wear on said body parts. Alternatively, go full hobbit style and allow your skin to become the shoes.