• Sam Box

How to be a Ski-J

Everyone wants to be a DJ, few people are DJs and fewer people can DJ. We talked to a handful of the DJs around town to find out what it is all about.

What’s the easiest way to start mixing and what would you recommend to learn on?

Jack - DJ at Danois:

“I started on PC software ‘Virtual DJ’, which gets you used to the basics of mixing regarding the timings and ‘phrasing’. If you realise you really enjoy it, buy a basic DJ deck controller to plug into your laptop.”

Max - DJ at Bananas:

“I learnt on Traktor but I would say Pioneer is easier to learn on.”

Callum - Often seen DJing about town:

“If you want to learn to mix for your own personal pleasure in your room or to play at smaller events and have no real desire to delve into it as a long term hobby, I would suggest you buy a controller, maybe a Pioneer DDj SB3. If you wanted to get further involved I would suggest buying turntables, an old set of Technic 1210’s, or the newer Audio Technica AT-LP120’s, a mixer (Allen and Heath Xone92 or DJM350 for a cheaper option) and some records. This will mean from the beginning you will be learning to beat match properly, and mix on proper analog mixers. This means that when you find yourself in a club playing on a set of CDJs or Turntables with whatever mixer, you will feel fully comfortable.”

Nico - DJ at Next Bar and Jay - DJ at Saloon both recommend turntables.