• Caitlin Kennedy

How to Monoski

By James Roberton and Hugh McRae

Monoski: The definitive definition of defining gravity.

Prepare to have your mind blown by the most amazing machine to hit the slopes. Imagine all the technology, innovation, and development that goes into two skis, and HALF IT. That’s right, half as many skis, with twice as many benefits.

Monoskiing has been around for decades, but there is only one decade that has brought anything of any value into the world of snowsports today, and that is the 80’s. You might be thinking a modern parabolic composite monoski is the way to go, right? WRONG! 80’s Pintail monos play by their own rules and nobody else’s, not even their own. Just take a look at the names of some of the great boards to emerge from the golden age of monoskiing; MONO Life colours, Rossignol Liberty, Head Free Spirit, Duret Fun, Nidecker For More Fun. These brightly splayed graphics are not mere brandings, these names signify the very essence, the very spirit of monoskiing.