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Izzie Lovegrove

How did you make your gorgeous cover?

I don’t have my oil paints out with me, so I just used my little watercolour palette and then went over it with ink. I wasn’t originally going to use the ink but when I finished it, it didn’t pop as much as I wanted it to: the watercolour is quite washy so I wanted to make it stand out more.

What’s your preferred medium normally?

Generally watercolour, but I do use acrylics sometimes too. Generally, I don’t paint on canvas though, because the texture really throws me off. I sketch and draw with pens a fair bit too.

Do you find you do quite a bit artistically out here?

I would love to say yes, and every year I promise myself I’ll do more, but with the intensity of work, skiing and après, I never do as much as I would like. If I’ve got an evening off (and I’m not in Danois), then sometimes I end up sketching.

Is this a self portrait?

It is! I took the photo that I based the cover off on my first day on the slopes last season.

So do you tend to draw from photos?

Yes, if I don’t have anything in front of me I tend to be at a bit of a loss. For scenery, I can usually draw direct from the real world.

Have you always had a creative outlet?

Yes, I studied art at school and I was supposed to do Art History and Fine Art and Textiles at the Slade School of Art at UCL, but I kept changing my mind about which pathway I wanted to go down. In the end, I decided to just view it as a hobby instead.

What did you focus on at A-level?

I did a lot of landscapes and also a project on parent-child relationships. For the final show, one of my pieces was an oil painting on this huge canvas- it was the most stressful experience because you could see every little detail due to the sheer scale of the painting. It had to be so perfect.

Aside from that, I did some work on Chinese Art, which I loved as it was such a contrast to British art and not something I had had the opportunity to study before. It was tough to replicate the style though.

Are there any artists or art movements that have particularly inspired you?

I’ve always liked Picasso. He was probably the first artist I ever found intriguing as a child. I recently went to the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition in Buckingham Palace a couple of months ago and it was incredible. It is his 500th anniversary this year and it was really fascinating how ahead of his time he was. The exhibition mostly consisted of drawings from his sketchbooks, with a lot of his anatomy studies.

Where can people find more of you work?

I have an online portfolio- isabellelovegrove.carbonmade.com

Thank you Izzie!

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