• Caitlin Kennedy

Izzie Lovegrove

How did you make your gorgeous cover?

I don’t have my oil paints out with me, so I just used my little watercolour palette and then went over it with ink. I wasn’t originally going to use the ink but when I finished it, it didn’t pop as much as I wanted it to: the watercolour is quite washy so I wanted to make it stand out more.

What’s your preferred medium normally?

Generally watercolour, but I do use acrylics sometimes too. Generally, I don’t paint on canvas though, because the texture really throws me off. I sketch and draw with pens a fair bit too.

Do you find you do quite a bit artistically out here?

I would love to say yes, and every year I promise myself I’ll do more, but with the intensity of work, skiing and après, I never do as much as I would like. If I’ve got an evening off (and I’m not in Danois), then sometimes I end up sketching.