• Caitlin Kennedy

Jase Butterworth

Tell us about your cover.

It is basically inspired by the things you see in Val: Shut the Box - classic game, dogs, being sat in a bar on the mountain. All the nice things!

Awww, we love dogs too!

Yeah they’ve become mini celebs in the area. I spent the summer here so I took peoples’ dogs for walks quite often.

Favourite dog in Val?

Probably Tikki because he is the easiest. He just sits there and does nothing.

Do you have a pet?

I have a tortoise at home in the UK, he is asleep in my fridge at the moment.


Yeah I put him in a casserole pot before I came out and popped him in the fridge, I’ll wake him up when I get back.

Right. Are you any good at Shut the Box?

I am probably the greatest of all time. I actually have an app to play on the go. Jase proceeds to beat me 17-3.

How did you learn to do chalk art?

I used to work in country pubs so I did a lot there. I also drew some here in the summer for Hibou and now I do boards for Arctic.

What other art do you do?

Not much any more, I used to do a lot of street art though. I got in trouble with the police for spray painting on the town hall once. They didn’t catch me doing it; I had painted myself with my thumb up so it was a bit obvious.

What artistic work would you like to do more of?

It’s a different type of art but I would like to do more videography work. However, the editing takes a long time and I am my own worst critic. I will post a video and take it down a week later because I am unhappy with it.

Why is your art so good but your tattoos so bad?

I knew this was coming. In the summer, we bought a tattoo gun from China for twenty quid. Everyone came back to my flat after a party one time, I was pretty drunk and tattooed “girt” on my knuckles. I have come to love it but my mum cried when I showed her. I did actually throw away the gun immediately after. The ones on my feet say “westcountry havin it” but I didn’t do those.

Which dog in your picture best represents you?

I didn’t draw any sleeping so probably the one winning Shut the Box.

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