• Sam Box

Kate Thornton

How did you create this cover?

I bought a vintage postcard of Val d’Isère for the main image and scanned it in. I then used a process in photoshop which is similar to the physical process I would go through to produce one of my original paper cut pieces.

Do you know how old this picture of Solaise is?

I’m not sure of the exact date but the postmark on the reverse of the postcard is 1963.

Do you have a connection with the mountains?

I did a bit of snowboarding in my late teens/twenties and visited a few places in the Alps. I had a special trip to Val D’Isère in 1997 with my brother! I remember Dick’s Tea Bar and was there a place called Cafe Face?!

How did you arrive at your style?

I’ve always worked in a minimal graphic way. I started making simple silhouette collages about 10 years ago with a load of old maps and postcards that belonged to my Grandad. The bird map and postcard thing started from there.

Birds feature in a lot of your work, do you have a favourite?