• Caitlin Kennedy

Kiri Snell

Tell us about your cover- did you ever study anatomy?

Yes I did Equine Sports Science at University. So we would have to study massive horse hearts and huge lungs (that you can stand in). I’ve always liked drawing anatomical things like skulls. I like the contrast of them. Last year I did a similar drawing of a heart with ocean waves so I thought for this one I would try doing one with mountains.

Do the berries and foliage represent anything in particular?

I started off just drawing leaves and then realised that it looked like a Eucalyptus leaf so that’s what it ended up being. Also I’m half Australian, so it tied in nicely with that.

What medium do you tend to draw in?

Normally pencil and pen. I never used to like working with pen because I would freak out about going wrong. But I like quite clean lines and then doing the shading with pencil, building it and going darker and darker. I do a lot of neo-traditional tattoo style drawings, which require clear lines.

Do you tend to draw for tattoos?