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Lauren Cook

What was your most memorable marmot moment in Val D?

Sitting on the lift from Tignes back over to Val (think it was Fresse) on a really sunny spring day and spotting 14. Those guys are damn cute.

You paint very colourfully- tell us about your use of colour in your cover.

I feel like mountain and ocean colours are the most relaxing. I didn’t change the colour of the mountains too much from the original photo- it’s already so beautiful!

I read something when I was about 10 which stuck with me in “All American Girl” by Meg Cabot. The main character was taking an art class and drawing an egg in the middle of the room. The trap was to see the egg as just white. When you look more closely you can see all the colours from the reflections of the things around it. - I got into the habit of doing this and so whenever I draw or paint it always comes out much more colourfully than I expect it to!

If you could meet any artist living or alive, who would it be?

Wes Anderson. His films have such a cool style and the animations are so creative, funny and well designed.

What are you studying now?

I’m working towards a research Masters in Biodiversity, Evolution and Conservation at UCL. I’m doing a project at the ZSL (London Zoo) which has meant watching loads of videos of the deep sea in Greenland to see what’s down there (lots of mud… and herds of anemones). Next term I’m working at the Natural History Museum in the DNA labs trying to find invasive species in UK waters.

Did you do much art whilst you were out here?

When I was doing child care I used to paint for the wall decorations in the nursery, but when I was cooking in the chalet I didn’t have much time! I wanted to spend all of my free time on the mountain.

From your Instagram, you seem to be drawn towards portraiture. What do you find most interesting about it?

I guess I find facial expressions really interesting. I like how they have a narrative and show the character in both humans and animals.

Sam’s question: if you owned a pet marmot what would you call it?


Excellent answer! Your bro contributed to this a little I believe. Do you guys work together much?

Yes we do! He edited this cover. Liam’s a super talented arty-adventure-film-maker-climber-guy so I love being involved in whatever cool stuff he’s doing. We have big plans for a show about animals and adventures. You can see some of his work on his instagram page- liam_cook_photos.

Where can we find more of your work and what’s next on your artistic horizons?

I put most of my work on my art Instagram- laurens_colours. I’m working on some artwork as a tool to communicate about science! If people can understand climate change and conservation issues better through simple visuals then it’ll go miles to changing habits and informing policy. Anything to save those turtles, am I right?

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