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Loïc Paulet

How long have you worked at Folie and what’s the best thing about working here?It’s my first year and the highlight is working as part of a team. I used to work as a freelance artist and graphic designer and having worked by myself for 6 years, I was keen to make a change and have colleagues. It’s been great to bounce ideas off people. Plus, every day is different here.

Did you always want to be an artist/ designer? Yes, I drew since I was a child but I also used to be a musician playing bass and guitar in a hardcore band.

Wow, you don’t necessarily look like the stereotypical hardcore type... Well I have a lot of tattoos, but they’re covered up.

What were you doing in the summer before coming out here? I was working for some big brands such as Red Bull, Jagermeister, doing the design for their events. And I do a lot of tattoo designs. I’m not a tattoo artist but I do the drawings for some friends of mine.

Did you do any of your own tattoos?

Just some small ones on my feet. I was messing around and they’re probably not my best work.

Are you inspired by other tattoo artists? Yes, I’m inspired by early tattoo work. And old drawings, for instance from old Newspaper engravings. I draw with just lines, dots and black ink, so a lot of what I do is harking back to a prior era.

How does your freehand work differ from graphic design? They’re pretty different mediums and sometimes I’m more creative in one than the other. Which I choose to use depends on the mood of the day, the weather and sometimes what I’ve been doing the previous night!

What’s your go to Day-Off activity?

I live in Anthe and my girlfriend is still there, so most days off I go there.

Tell me about your clothing brand...

I drew some stuff for a friend for his band and off the back of that, I started making things that I would want to wear about 3 or 4 years ago. I regularly update the designs so each piece is a limited collection, with maybe 20 or 30 items. And once they’re gone, they’re gone and I make a new one. I have less time at the moment and it has to be a pleasure to create them, so when I don’t have time, the clothing takes a back seat. Having said that,

I have a new collection coming out in the summer (https://www.evhemeria.com/shop/)

How did you go about creating your cover? It’s my style of nature, with a moose and elements of birds and leaves entwined together. It is quite tattoo-esque.

If you could be any animal, what would you be? I love travelling so probably a bird of some sort.

Does travelling influence your art at all?

Yes, I like to have a new tattoo for every newplace I go and almost always, they are my designs. They tend to be a reflection of the lifestyle or the culture of the country.

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