• Caitlin Kennedy

Loïc Paulet

What have you been up to artistically since you last did a cover for us?

Many exhibitions, a new clothing collection last summer shot in Asia, and a lot of Freelance work. It’s been a year since the last cover but it feels like a decade in the professional sense. But I still never work a day in my life!

Tell us about the idea behind this cover?

I’m trying different things for the visuals of Evhemeria (my clothing and design brand), and this one had been on my mind for many months. I don’t really know why, but the mix of the flamingo and a grand Penny Farthing looked amazing in my head.

This design appears to draw from some old English fashions and inventions. Is that something that has influenced you?

Yes, it is. Anatomy drawing, Da Vinci and that kind of old newspaper is such an influence and an inspiration for all of my work

Have you ever met a flamingo?

Probably two or three times in a zoo and in the South of France.

Do you have any new tattoos?

I’ve finish the upper part of my left arm, but I’m rapidly running out of space, so it’s time to be a little slower with the tattoos!

Have you ever designed any artwork for skis/boards?

I’ve just finished a Surf Board which is on its way to Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean.

And I have also done a collaboration with a Skateboard brand; the visuals are done and the board should be out in spring

What inspired your caped man for the WTF design in the Folie poster? We love him!

Haha I love him too! The idea was to personalise the party, and an old turtle, with balloons, shorts and flip flops was the best idea I had!

How is the clothing business going?

Pretty good; a new hoodie came out in December which is selling well. But I need to find more time to work properly on the new collection- it is the 5th birthday of the brand in April. I’m already working on the party for May ;)

The posters for Avaline Trax are amazing! What was the process for creating them?

The sport club of Val d’Isère wanted something different to the photo manipulation from last year so it was a good reason to draw something on Illustrator!

Do you have any upcoming projects in the pipeline?

A baby, for July. It should be the biggest project of my life!

Wow, congratulations Loïc and thank you! Find Loic’s work and clothing brand:



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