• Caitlin Kennedy

Max Samuel

What do you enjoy about drawing animals?

I love being out in nature and the outdoors, drawing animals is a way to connect a little more with that.

Plus I find them more fun to draw that people.

What inspired your cover?

Just an idea, when I got asked to do a cover I immediately thought of mountains, then a mountain goat.

Have you ever met an ibex?

No, I haven’t, but smaller breeds of goat yes. They’re definitely curious creatures.

Favourite place to ski?

Ahhh hard to say, anywhere can be great with good snow. Niseko, Japan or Craigieburn Valley, New Zealand maybe.

How was your time in St Foy?

I was there last year. Oh my god there was a lot of snow! I definitely had some good powder days there- it has amazing off piste and backcountry.

Does art make its way into your professional life at all?

Not so much, but one of my goals this year is to focus a little more on my art and hopefully people will like it enough to buy it. Currently, I have a small display up at a café in Devon.

Would you rather be an ibex or a golden eagle?

Easy, eagle any day. Why climb when you can fly!

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