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Megan Fernandez

You worked as a street artist in Portugal; how did that come about?

When I moved to Portugal in 2015, I needed to find accomodation and there was an artist residency going in a surf camp hostel. The owner said I could have a room if I painted the walls. However, at that point I’d never painted anything before: in fact I got kicked out of art class at school because the teacher said I had no potential. So I was really blagging it when I said I would be the resident artist. The hostel is called Captain’s Loghouse and it is covered in artwork themed on a comic book character called Porto Martez.

And are comics or cartoon style drawings something you continued with after working there?

Absolutely not, it was a real stretch for me and not at all my usual style. I really love painting mandalas. I’ve been commissioned to do a fair few themed ones including a mountain range/diving mandala and even a kiwi themed one.

They are really cool! We feel another cover coming on... Tell us more about Portugal.

Well after my paintings got spotted by a few other bars and restaurants in town, I got asked to do more and more murals and so it ended up being my full time job. I would ride around town on my bike with my paints in the basket and just go from place to place painting. It was pretty dreamy.

Anywhere in particular you like to work?

I’m not fussy, I can sit and draw or paint most places. I did some of the cover in the office below Dick’s waiting for my set to begin.

There are a few wall paintings in Dicks courtesy of yours truly are there not?

Yes I’ve done some boards in the club and various other bars around town using Posca Paint. It’s actually the same thing I used to use when I painted surfboards as it will stick to literally anything once you put it in the oven.

Have you ever painted skis?

Kinda, you can get sticky back plastic in big rolls and cut shapes or any design which is really cool.

And how did you do your Barcelona comic mural?

I got balloons filled with paint and water guns and sprayed the wall to do the background then freehanded the faces which are main characters from the comic. I don’t enjoy comic stuff generally, so I guess it’s weird that I did a line drawing style for the Kely Starlight cover! But I was scrolling through the Folie Instagram and that picture jumped out at me, it is such an incredible shot, so it is my tribute to that photo.

(Megan shows us lots of cool paintings on totally random surfaces - skateboard, saxophone, guitar etc) Do you like painting things on alternative mediums?

Not necessarily but I just get asked all the time. I did a violin once and have done loads of surfboards. I had an art space in a surf shapers in Portugal.

We have to ask, are you DJ Megan or Tinta or what?

So Tinta has always been my DJ name and that came about because I was doing my painting work when I started DJing. I didn’t know what it meant but people kept saying it to me and when I found out, it just stuck as my DJ name. I would go to my gigs covered in paint, people kept saying tinta to me and I discovered it meant paint in Portuguese!

When I started at Dicks however, people thought I was called DJ Tinder and were chanting “swipe left swipe right, super like!” while I was DJing...so we left it as Megan! Call me Megan, call me Tinta, either is fine.

Would you rather be Kely Starlight....or a whale.

Is this to do with my whale tattoo? Of course I would want to be Kely Starlight. He is an inspiration to us all.

And tell us about the whale tattoo.

The place I was living in Portugal is called Baleal which is named after the word baleia which means whale. It’s not very nice - they used to drag whales in there and kill them but thats why it’s called that, the whale tattoo is just a reminder of that time in Portugal and those crazy few years!

Thanks, Megan!

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