• Caitlin Kennedy

Minty Perkins-Ray

What’s your artistic background?

I graduated Nottingham Trent University in June studying Fine Art for three years. Throughout school I was always very artistic.

How are you finding Lyon as a place to live?

I absolutely love living in Lyon, it’s such a beautiful city and is filled with arts, culture and music. And of course lots of cheese.

What inspired this cover and what drives your art generally?

I see my art as a sort of jigsaw puzzle, the colours and shapes all have to interlink and connect with one another. Music is a big inspiration in my work. It is another of my passions and I find it very important to work to music. It helps my creative flow and can also influence my decision making. At uni I incorporated music into my work by researching synaesthesia and how it affects certain people. I created pen drawings and then sang what I perceived my drawings would ‘sound like’. The final piece was a sensory experience involving both ‘listening’ and ‘seeing’ my art at the same time- so I would say music is hugely influential in my work.