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NewGen & Snowcamp


NewGen are putting on a Charity Freestyle Day. 3 groups running: Intro to freestyle ski; intro to freestyle snowboard and then an advanced freestyle ski group.


Val d’Isere Park . Meet at the bottom of the Val Park drag lift.


Wednesday 6th February 11.30am to 3.30pm

With Who

With the guys at NewGen who specialise in Freestyle. Mike into ski, Julian snowboard, Jerome running the top group- he’s won instructor awards for his freestyle teaching.

How the Day will pan out?

Once you’ve met your instructor, you’ll have a warm up, get introduced, find out what your aims are for the day. With freestyle it’s good because you can do lap coaching, so the instructors can cater for a range of levels. You’ll also learn how to ski in the park safely. The plan is to have a bit of a social session afterwards by heading to Folie or Cocoricos. We may have some goody bag prizes to win as well, which the instructors can run a competition for.

What’s the Charity bit about?

The Instuctors have donated their time, so the lesson’s costs will all be donated to the Snowcamp Charity. We started working with Snowcamp this year and every resort is doing something different. The plan is for this year to raise as much as we can for them, but in future, take a more involved, collaboartive approach so that we work with the young people who have been through their instructor programme. We also want to have seasonaires and clients on board with mutual fundraising. So last week we did a trial charity session with clients over in Tignes in which we asked a group who’d agreed to come on board what they’d like to do and then afterwards they donated what they thought the lesson was worth to Snowcamp. It ended up being a bumps session, which was unusual- normally people hate moguls, but it went really well and that kicked off the fundraising efforts. For those that don’t know, Snowcamp is a charity that gives disadvadntaged inner city kids the opportunity to develop skills in the snowsports Support further the whole way through to completing BASI 2

Why is it important for Newgen to support charities like Snowcamp?

Well initially when we set up Giving, the charitable arm of the company, we wanted to make sure any charities we supported had some kind of link to us as a skischool based in the French Alps. Last year, we donated clothes and funds to some Calais based charities, which we felt was relevant, as obviously a lot of people drive through Calais on their way out and winter is the worst time for refugees in camps. We always have spare staff uniform, which is very warm and we also did a collection.

NewGen also worked with a company called B1G1, which is an umbrella organisation which links you with charities all over the world and through that we have various giving schemes set up. For instance we have a 1 for 1 promise meaning for every hour’s teaching we deliver on the snow, we give a day’s education to a child in India, which links to the teaching aspect of our work. But a lot of this work can feel quite remote, so we were keen to support a more local charity that works within the snowsports sector. Snowcamp ticked all the boxes. We’re keen to get our team donating their time in the UK as well, so that was another attraction. Longer term, we would like to have some of their apprentices come out and train with us. For instructors out here, it would be a great opportunity for them to be involved, especially if they are non British, as we have instructors from all over the place.

Which group should I sign up for?

The beginner groups are for people that really haven’t done a lot in the park. If you’re landing 360s, then best to sign up for the advanced group. But even more advanced freestyle skiers who are throwing bigger tricks can get a lot out of the day. The instructors we have lined up are really good with helping you judge your run in, fix over-rotation problems, that sort of thing. And there will be maximum group sizes of 8 so people can get plenty of individual feedback.

What advice do you have to get prepared in the run up to the session?

With freestyle we usually get people that are either super-keen and willing to throw themselves off anything, or people that want to give it a go, but are maybe a bit nervous. My advice would be if you’re interested, don’t worry, just book on, because it’ll be a really fun day and we really do aim to cater to all abilities. There’s no pressure in terms of previous experience or getting to a certain point, it’s more just about trying to get a bit better and meeting other people who are keen on freestyle, whilst raising money for a good cause in the process

I’m hooked and now want to be the next Woodsy. What other freestyle sessions do you have lined up?

We usually do some week long freestyle coaching in the spring, which is a great way to hone your skills and really progress. So watch this space for more info on that nearer the end of the season, when the weather warms up and the landing isn’t quite as rock hard.

How do I sign up?

Contact either:

Emily (Val d’Isere) valdisere@skinewgen.com 0651854341

Holly (Tignes) tignes@skinewgen.com 0651236729

We have a donation page set up on our website so we will probably get people to donate directly to that. The 4 hours teaching costs 40€ so you’d be hard pushed to find a better value session.

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