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Olly Jobling

How did you get into design in the first place?

I was working for a rave while I was at Uni and was photoshopping random pictures to make collages. My boss asked me to do a poster and I said I’d give it a go. I had worked in illustrator before, all self taught, as a hobby. I realised it was faster to draw digitally than it was to draw on paper so it was a way to get a lot more ideas out. From there I launched Joblime about two years ago and through that I have got several jobs including this one at Arctic!

Nice. What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

I was once paid in crystals to paint a Bulgarian woman’s house (Note: this story will be fully explored in a future edition of The Echo). I advertise as being able to draw anything and make it digital so I get a lot of random requests. Plus, I draw a lot of random, weird things anyway!

When being creative, do you think more pencil and paper or digitally?

Definitely more digital now because I come at it from more of a photo collage perspective so ‘how would this look if it was merged with that’ rather than ‘how would I draw that with that light’. For me it’s all about colours and palettes which you get more of with digital work. I do a bit of digital painting as well which is more vector style stuff in Illustrator. I’ve drawn quite tactile animals in this way that I really like. It’s basically a painting that I can do in a week rather than a month.

Where do you get inspiration for your artwork?

A lot of it is online or in books, I’ve got 20+ photography books at home! This is the reason why I started Paused Perception on Instagram, playing on the idea of collecting imagery in a continuing aesthetic - a bit like keeping a sketchbook at school.

Tell us about your clothing

Note: Olly designed the very shirt he is wearing and points to the slogan which reads ‘Cool clothes don’t make cool people’. That’s all I have to say about my clothes! Basically I make clothes that I like to wear and I like to wear random things I’ve just thought of. I’ve also just designed a long sleeve riding T-shirt for Afterjam and did the uniform for Arctic.

And what is ‘Joblime’ all about?

It is just a creative alias, I have it so I can use it in whatever capacity I need it - I don’t think of it as a company. I use it for DJing, Artwork, T-shirts, Princes name was a symbol - at what point can you turn your name into a symbol? Instead of Joblime I want to be the creative alias known as Joblime. I’m not necessarily looking for financial success it’s just the brand itself I want to build.

Thankyou so much Olly. Oh wait, vital question- if you were a cat what would you get up to?

I’d do a lot of lounging but in really high up and obscure places so no-one is bothering me and I get to have a chill time, but I suppose that's why I live in Val d’sere.

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