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Olly Jobling

What have you been up to artistically since you last did a cover for us?

Since then I’ve spent the summer in Annecy and am now in Verbier for the winter. I spent most of the last year working on my art blog, Paused Perception, but since moving to Verbier I’ve gotten more into drawing again and put Paused Perception on hold.

Do you think your style is changing?

I’d say it’s more evolving than fundamentally changing. I’ve always been fascinated by collage art and creating colour palettes to match a mood or a feeling. So my recent work has involved combining more of that. The drawing process is more complex now but the outcome is often simpler, which I really prefer.

How has being injured impacted your creative flow (Olly broke his back recently)?

It’s really helped it actually. This is the most free time I’ve ever had in the Alps, so it has given me an opportunity to draw everyday and really think about what inspires me.

What is the most interesting project you’ve worked on in the past few years?

Good question! I’d say right now I’m producing my most interesting work; I’m drawing more than ever and focusing on different works within one style and a recurring theme. I’ve been calling the project A Mounting Aesthetic by Joblime. It might come to nothing but I’m starting to build a good group of pieces focused on the mountains, this cover being one of them. I’m hoping it will eventually transform into something, but for now I’m just seeing where it takes me.

We were looking at your celebrity portraits, which are amazing. Who’s next?

I’ve been moving away from portraits and more to abstract landscapes, but I’ve been working with AfterJam on some hip hop icons in the style of the Biggie long-sleeve I did for them. Plus a limited edition Nick Cage wrestling a bull that I’m waiting to see printed.

Can’t wait to see that! What has been inspiring your work recently?

The mountains and food I’d say. I’ve been cooking a lot with my housemate (who’s an amazing chef) since my injury. I’ve also had a lot more time to just sit and stare at the mountains. They’re absolutely stunning and the vastness of them makes all the petty things seem pretty insignificant. It’s easy to forget that when they’re all around you every day.

You were in Annecy over the summer right? Did you make it to the Animation Festival?

I did, I watched Asterix outside all in French. Great film, no clue what it’s about, but Asterix did win.

How did you find it living there?

I loved it, living so close to the lake and mountains. Swimming and trail running whenever; it was the dream. Definitely worth a summer visit for anyone that hasn’t been.

How’s the DJing going?

Good! I have a couple of regular events in Verbier but with a change of genre from what I used to play in Val. I’ve been running a garage and drum and bass night. There was a lack of a rave scene here and yet everyone seemed to love getting spangled, so I put two and two together and made Bassquake. I also have Sublime Saturday’s which is a similar concept to Funky Tuesdays but in a curry house, so a little more rowdy. And I’m playing outside in the centre of town for the weekend of the Freeride World Tour.

Is there anything you miss about being in Val?

100% the people. It was tough after my injury having to cancel my week’s trip to Val, but I’m hoping to come over at some point.

What’s up your sleeve for the future of Joblime?

It could be anything. I don’t want to limit myself to just illustration; I started Joblime as a blank canvas to create semi-anonymously without any rules. I’d love to be somewhere between Banksy and Kanye eventually. I really like Kanye’s descent into madness, it looks fun. In fact that might be what’s next...

Where can people find more of your work?

Instagram through Joblime_design and PausedPerception.

Thank you Olly and wishing you a speedy recovery!

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