• Caitlin Kennedy


Quentin Cover artist

What do you tend to draw?

Usually monsters, imagined characters and skiers.

Does where you are, influence what you’re drawing?

No not really. Most of the time I do a series of drawings, so for a while I’ll draw a lot of one thing and then I move on to something else. I’m working on a comic book at the moment about monsters and military stuff.

We’re starting to see a theme here! Is your cover how you look sliding a rail?

No, I usually ski alone so I don’t really know how I look whilst skiing.

I suppose from being in the park a lot you probably know the way the body moves on skis in the air though?

Yeah, it actually takes a lot of time to find the right position of the body in space and once I have that, it all flows quite quickly from there. But the hardest part is creating a realistic pose. That and drawing the skis.

Really? That’s interesting; from an outsider’s perspective, that would seem like the easy bit to draw. Do you work from photos at all?

No, just from my head.

The perspective of the drawing is really interesting. Do you tend to draw from the same perspective?

At the moment I tend to draw from head on but generally I stick with one perspective for a while then change it up.

You mentioned the military before- what’s your connection there?

Well my brother is in the army but even before he was, I was always drawing action figures and cartoons since I was a kid.

Do you have a favourite monster?

No, I can’t say that I do. But last summer I did a series of drawings on pagan costumes of Europe and made them into mythological characters. I like drawing masks a lot too. So most of the time, I’m creating human monsters in which things are not as they seem or features are exaggerated.

Is there an artist you particularly admire the work of?

Yes Bom.K. He’s a French street artist. I used to do a lot of graffiti and so I found him quite inspiring.

Have you got any projects coming up?

No not really. Hopefully if I can sell some of my drawings, I will make some more, but I really need my space to work and I don’t have much of that here.

Head to Precision Ski on the Snowfront or in Squaw Valley to buy art by Quentin. And check out his Instagram for more of his work on Instagram @onereuz.

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