• Caitlin Kennedy

Reindeer Tripping

Whilst watching a nature documentary that was sure to be a disappointment as it didn’t feature the dulcet tones of David Attenborough, I discovered that there is a herd of reindeer in the highlands of England. The herd of 150 has been free to roam over 10,000 hectares of the Cairngorm highlands since 1952 when they were introduced by a Swedish couple. Now if that isn’t a Christmas miracle then I don’t know what is. In preparation for the time that I inevitably meet one, I started avidly gathering information so that I’ll know exactly what to say and do to be in their good books. It turns out they’re pretty darn cool creatures even without all the flying and sledge pulling.

First domesticated animal

It’s believed that reindeer, or caribou as they are known in North America, were the first animals to be domesticated by Sami tribes people 2000 years ago. Many Arctic communities still rely on them for transport, food and materials for shelter.

Rudolph is real