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The Lamest Inventions of All Time

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Your inventions are bad, and you should feel bad.

PIVIT BINDINGS The idea: “Pivit makes custom bindings for maximum flexibility, freedom of movement and style on the snowboard. Much like skateboarding. Maximum Lateral Flex. Freedom of Movement. Style.”

Lame because: We feel having unbroken ankles makes for more enjoyable riding.  Their facebook page currently has a whopping 92 likes.

THE SNOWBOARD POLE The idea: “Propel yourself over a flat spot to your next run or ski lift. Control your snowboard through the lift queue and onto a lift, with both feet still bound to your snowboard!”

Lame because: Looking like a Venetian gondola driver is only cool if you are in fact a Venetian gondola driver.  Actually even then it’s still kind of lame.

FATBLADES The idea: “FATblades are a new, fun and exciting way to enjoy skiing with the style and comfort of snowboard boots and bindings. The concept of FATblades was created in 2006 to alleviate a problem experienced by many skiers who have experienced discomfort in using standard ski boots.”

Lame because: Look at this smug asshole and tell us you don’t want to bash his head in with the nearest blunt object.

DUAL SNOWBOARDS The idea: “Our patented IndiviDual Snowboarding Technology is basically a snowboard cut in half.   Great for beginners to learn snowboarding, for those looking new twist to snowboarding or anyone training to advance their snowboarding skills.”

Lame because: “We believe that with truly talented riders and viral grassroots efforts, Duals could become the next extreme action sport of choice and future X-games and Olympic sport.”  Fuck off.

BUMZ The idea: The following three inventions never made it to production so we have no amusing quotes from their website.  Presumably some jabroni looked around a ski resort and said to himself: “You know what this sport needs? More wankers in novelty equipment!”

Lame because: Graeme Park, self-styled ‘Visionary and Producer’, and designer of BUMZ snowboard pants, was looking for $6,000 to move his idea to production.  He raised $75 and its safe to assume that was a pity donation from the grandmother whose basement he currently lives in.

SNOWBOARD LIGHTING SYSTEMS The idea: We have no clue. 

Lame beacause: Snowboarding is a daytime activity.

LEG SAVERS The idea: Um, people get sore legs on chairlifts?

Lame because: If your legs get too sore to ‘get big air’ after riding a lift, you shouldn’t be jumping.

Also, on this patent: 43 - Nipple Clamps

24, 25, 26 - Nut Pinchers

22 - Sexy Utility Belt That Will In No Way Interfere With Your Backpack

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