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Sam Kay

Tell us about your cover.

I just really enjoy drawing skulls and just anything of the anatomy really. Obviously I wanted to relate it to Val so you’ve got the mountains up top and you’ve got the stream running through it. The three stars represent a night when Lewis and I were outside Moris; the sky was perfectly clear and you could see loads of stars. He pointed out some constellations to me; I thought it was really cool to see how much he knew about astronomy and it was amazing to see how interested he was in it.

In the initial sketch, the river was coming down the mountain and falling out of his left eye but it kinda looked like he was crying. Obviously people are out here to have a good time so I cut that bit out.

How does the sketch work?

It’s always in pencil first. I am quite meticulous and I like things to look how they are in my head. Obviously it doesn’t always go that way and it changes while you are doing the drawing. For instance, the way I do the scratchy lines can always go a different way.

Has your cover got a name?

I was going to put a caption on the bottom but it is quite personal and no-one would have known what it meant so I will keep it to myself.

Tell us about the ink pictures in your sketchbook.

It’s basically fountain pen ink, I use three or four cups of water with different amounts of ink in each one. It’s really easy as well because you just do a rough outline and the ink does most of the work for you. You use a paint brush with the different concentrations of ink and water. I go through stages; at the moment I am enjoying using fine liners for shading.

How did you start drawing?

Both of my grandads were insane at art. One of my earliest memories is coming home from school on a Friday; my Grandad Frank and I would sit and draw for hours. We both had these Jurassic Park sketchbooks.

What makes an artist?

I was talking to Eric about this the other day. The way I look at art is that anyone can create something. Eric suggested to me that the difference is that some do it better than others but I think it depends on the way you look at it. Some people may see mine and not like it. People should try it though, it’s good fun. I find it really therapeutic, if you are having a bad day you can drift off and draw something.

What can’t you draw?

I struggle to draw eyes but I am good at hands which is the opposite to Tom last week. Maybe we should do a collab! But if there is something I can’t draw accurately, I make it look a bit dysfunctional and abstract; there is ways of getting around it.

Do you have an Instagram or anywhere to display your art?

I have never really pursued it. I am thinking of starting up an illustration page and seeing if it goes anywhere. I need to think of a cool name, maybe Bad Books which is one of my favourite bands and it works with my book of sketches. If nothing comes of it I am still going to be enjoying my drawing.

Have you drawn any of your tattoos?

I collaborate with the artist sometimes. I’ll sit down with the woman who does mine for a couple of hours and give her the idea which she then converts to tattoo form.

What does it say on your fingers?

It says infinite, I got it a year to the hour from when my nan passed away. She was my best mate so I wanted to do something for her.

Have you done any commissions?

I’ve done a few drawings for people and actually a few cards for birthdays and things. Whenever I do it though I just ask for them to pay for the materials as the enjoyment is the payment itself. It’s like the money for doing the cover, I had no idea that being paid was a part of it and all I am going to do is waste it on booze .

Sam absolutely insisted that we donate the money he would be paid for doing the cover to charity. He also points out that all seasonaires towards the end of the season will have a few euros knocking about and that if everyone donated just five euros, not even the price of a pint, then it could do a great deal for charity. We chose Mind and if you would like to support a cause close to Sam's heart, you can do so here https://www.mind.org.uk/donate/.

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