• Sam Box

Sam Kay

Tell us about your cover.

I just really enjoy drawing skulls and just anything of the anatomy really. Obviously I wanted to relate it to Val so you’ve got the mountains up top and you’ve got the stream running through it. The three stars represent a night when Lewis and I were outside Moris; the sky was perfectly clear and you could see loads of stars. He pointed out some constellations to me; I thought it was really cool to see how much he knew about astronomy and it was amazing to see how interested he was in it.

In the initial sketch, the river was coming down the mountain and falling out of his left eye but it kinda looked like he was crying. Obviously people are out here to have a good time so I cut that bit out.

How does the sketch work?

It’s always in pencil first. I am quite meticulous and I like things to look how they are in my head. Obviously it doesn’t always go that way and it changes while you are doing the drawing. For instance, the way I do the scratchy lines can always go a different way.