• Caitlin Kennedy

Skis: The Aprèslife

Updated: Jan 25

There’s only so many times a ski can make an appearance on the seasonaire page before it is relegated to the depths of a dank dark basement and put to the back of the mind. Much like the bag of salad you bought at the beginning of January in a half-hearted attempt at eating healthy and which now festers at the back of your fridge. So what can be done to assuage the guilt of an ever increasing pile of skis that you can’t bring yourself to send to landfill?

Make something out of it

Skis are made to be seriously strong, which makes them a prime candidate for being fashioned into furniture. If garish chairs are up your street and you happen to be handy with tools, go ahead and gather some old skis from a skip.

If this is a little beyond your reach, skis or boards make for great coat hangers or headboards. There are also plenty of companies springing up that take the legwork out of the process and doubtlessly make something a little less likely to break. Art Ski Tech, a company based in Chambery, make some incredible things, like wine racks, from old skis. But definitely their most innovative creations are these dome frames, which can be used as yurt like structures in gardens or for living your true hermit fantasy.