• Caitlin Kennedy

Spotlight on the Artist

Eric Olmstead (https://www.instagram.com/ericcharlesolmstead/) is an artist who has spent much of his life travelling the world, something that pulses through his art as much as it does his veins. We talked to him about his work and his roaming lifestyle.

Which is your favourite city to sit and draw?

There is a small town in the North of Taipei, Taiwan named Beitou. It’s just far enough from downtown to escape and take refuge in nature and just close enough to the city to still be energetic and lively on a local level. I tend to hide and draw in this contrasting balance of organic vs. geometric energy.

What’s one thing you can’t live without when you’re on the road?

One time I thought I had lost my sketchbook. Lucky it was only my new laptop, ID, cash and credit cards that were stolen!

Your work is generally very evocative of a certain place. What is it you try and capture of a town/city/country where you’ve been? And why is it important for you to chronicle your experiences through art?