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Sprog Season - Notes From The Nursery Slope

Updates from Abi and Al Nasmyth as they take their baby on a ski season.


Packing. Packing for any season isn’t easy. Should I take all 10 of my Holister sweat pants? Is 2 pairs of moon boots too many? But when we decided to take our 4-month-old son on our season, it opened a whole new can of worms.

When my partner Abi got pregnant, it wasn’t long before she was planning what we’d get up to on her maternity “holiday”. Luckily, due to my amazing conception choreography, this winter has fallen slap bang in the middle of her very generous post natal leave. Result! We were going to break the mold. We weren’t going to let having a baby end our season plans. We could juggle nappies with pow-days, breast feeding and park laps and tummy time at happy hour. In the famous last words of so many parents: how hard could this be…?

Our first idea was to drive out together. Even before the wee man was born he’d turned our modest spare room into a scene from storage wars so we’d need to take our van. One of the bonuses of the long drive out for most is the ability to take all those luxuries that you normally have to live without. Maybe we could stop at a few vinyards or medieval towns on the way and fill any receptacle available with cheap plonk to take the sting out of resort alcohol prices. Sadly it looked like we

wouldn’t be able to do a booze run. Due to the logistics of infant transport, multiple stops were looking likely. When you have a child you end up acquiring lots of child manuals either through the stubbornness of not wanting to ask your parents for help or your friends and family’s la